Our supplier management platform enables your team to find, compare, and engage with domestic suppliers in minutes -- saving time, lowering prices, and increasing supply chain resilience.

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✔ Find suppliers more quickly with smart supplier search technology that meets your specific part requirements.

✔ Compare thousands of suppliers based on location, certifications, and technical specifications.

✔ Manage suppliers through a digital sourcing process that expedites selection & onboarding.

✔ Share files (up to 100GB) with suppliers using FedRAMP-compliant secure file transfer technology.  

✔ Receive notifications when new suppliers join your engineering project so you can proactively save money by supporting legacy suppliers.

✔ Identify hard-to-source suppliers by searching for specific supplier certifications.

✔ Avoid production delays by proactively identifying alternatives for your single-source suppliers.

“This [automated market research] lays the groundwork for digital network confirmation of the sourcing ecosystem [connecting parts and suppliers with Air Force Sustainment Center needs].” Rapid Sustainment Office, USAF
“Sustainment is reimagining procurement for manufacturers. They have made a perplexing task simple. This is the technology needed to find the best suppliers - period!” Kurr Pumps